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Remember rocker Zander Freedman, reprobate brother of Devin Freedman who was the hero of What The Librarian Did? Zander also has cameos in Bring Him Home and my May release, A Prior Engagement. He's selfish, talented, vain, charismatic, brutally frank and a master of self-deception.  Yet some readers actually like this alphahole which forced me to ask myself the fatal question. 'Can he be redeemed?'

'Absolutely not,' was my immediate reply.

'Great!' said my muse, 'let's do it!'

'Wait, just a sec," I said, because my muse likes to make me suffer. 'Let's bring Zander into A Prior Engagement and see if I can actually spend nine months with this alphahole.' And Zander came in, blustering and arrogant, with a smidgeon of humility and made me laugh. So I'm working on a Zander book. Faced with losing his golden voice, rock star Zander Freedman intends consolidating his musical legacy with an autobiography. For this master of hype, hiring a respected literary biographer is simply about creating more buzz.

All the damn woman has to do is write down what he tells her to. Not make him think. Or encourage the good guy struggling to get out. And certainly not  fall in love for the first time in his life.  Read a first draft of their meet here.

I'll update progress on my Facebook page and also on my Goodreads page.

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Now Available - A Prior Engagement
Released June in Australasia

The fourth and final of my SAS heroes series for SuperRomance. And yeah, it makes me sad because I love these guys. 

I never meant to write a 'back from the dead' book in my military heroes' series but I became really intrigued by Lee Davis - outgoing, fearless and larger than life - whom I'd killed off in Here Comes The Groom.  By the time I started writing Stand-In Wife I was playing with bringing him back and by book three - Bring Him Home - I'd evolved the set-up that allowed me to resurrect him. And I'd also fleshed out his fiancée Juliet Browne, whose story I always meant to tell.  She was originally going to find a new guy through his army buddies' matchmaking but Lee proved impossible to replace. So I thought, why replace him? And I loved the concept of a man coming home to discover the woman who'd rejected his proposal wearing his ring and ensconced in the bosom of his family. What fun.  Of course once I started thinking and reading about the effects of captivity I realized that the guy who returned wouldn't be the same man who'd left and the story became less comic and more complex...

While A Prior Engagement can be read as a standalone, readers who have been following the SAS heroes series will get updates on favourite characters. And in this book they have the delicate task of telling their back-from-the-dead buddy they set Jules up with a new man.  Click here to read reviews.

The story so far…
My SAS series is based around four Special Forces heroes from the same unit.
  1. Here Comes The Groom - January 2011
  2. Stand In Wife - August 2011
  3. Bring Him Home - June 2012
  4. Prior Engagement - May 2013

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A Prior Engagement
Harlequin SuperRomance
May 2013 (USA)
ISBN-13:  9780373718498

He's back from the dead, on a new mission... because two can play her game!

After two years as a POW presumed dead, SAS soldier Lee Davis is finally going home. Back to his family, friends and...fiancée? He doesn't have a fiancée...the night before his last deployment, Juliet Browne rejected his proposal. That makes the sight of her playing the grieving almost-wife beyond infuriating. Feigning amnesia, Lee decides to put Juliet's "commitment" to the test.

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